What Can We Do In China To Help You

 How can we make your business easier or help create new business for your company !


1. Help you in sourcing, selecting and identifying suppliers for your products in China.

2. Assist you to make deals in China more efficiently and effectively.

3.  translation when communicating with Chinese manufacturers.

4. Assistance with maintaining quality control.

5. Processing all documentation required for customs in China and in your country.


Buying and Manufacturing in China can be massively rewarding. However the language barrier and culture difference can be exhausting. We can help you accomplish much by more having us working together with you .

Personally, I cannot trust any factory to manage the quality control by themselves. When the problems arise, they will never tell you the truth and always think themselves first. Instead, we will give you the facts and the problems if any. So you have time to solve the problem before it becomes too late and if necessary, we may cancel order and change to another manufacturer.


The services we can offer depends on your business situation;


1. On our website we have listed manufacturers we have sourced and being working on for more than 10 years. Some of the sourced has partnership with us. We can make an immediate quote and export the products to you under our own exporting company, Xiamen Tiny Girl Import and Export Pty Ltd. 


2. You have already sourced your own manufacturer. We can contact the manufacturer on your behalf to negotiate your request so that you get exactly the product you require at a fair and reasonable price. 


3. You are floating some ideas for a product but you are not entirely sure. We can help arrange a visa to go to China to attend some fairs or local markets to find any potential products you would like to sell in your market.


4. You have purchased different products from all over China. We are able to store your products in the Xiamen Port until all the products are ready to be shipped at once.


We can discuss and negotiate the service charge  depending on your situation and the amount of products to be shipped. 




If you are purchasing a lot of different products from different suppliers in China, then, for a small fee, we are able to store your products in Xiamen Port until all the products are ready to be shipped at once.


This will save you money by being able to ship in just the one container.


We can even provide container space for your smaller shipments.


This will save you expensive customs and clearance costs in both China and your own country.


This service is available to all our customers. You will find the small extra cost we negotiate, based on your specific requirements very pleasing.